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Say It With A Spoon

Posted: Jan 05 2015

So you’re after a perfect piece of cutlery with just the right amount of personality and now you’ve found us, you lucky things you. Not only do we plan to bring the best quality in cutlery for gorgeous gifts or a little something special just for you, but we’re here to help you shop, inspire you and give you a little reading break. First up from our newer range of blog post, we thought we’d go with something oh so simple, yet just what you’d be looking for - personalisation. Personalisation on our spoons and cutlery is so popular, but do you sometimes just need that little bit of inspiration to choose the exact message you want? We know we do. With spoons, cake knives, butter knives and more, we thought we’d give you a taste of some simple slogans you could choose and also give you a little giggle along the way.
Family set
If you’re going for a classic spoon why not make it entirely apt. If you’re ‘crushin’ on coffee', ‘tempted by tea’ and ‘crazy for cocoa’, why not go with that? For serving spoons, let them do the talking, try ‘a spoonful of sprouts’, ‘plenty of peas’ or ‘cradling the carrots’ for something a little quirky. Or if you’re like us and have a bit of a sweet tooth, you’ll want your desert spoons to say it with ‘a spoonful of sugar’, ‘straight to my heart’ or even ‘sweet tooth tool kit’! We all love a bit of cake so why not make your cutlery just as lovely. With cake knives, cake slices and cake forks, you’re in for a treat as long as you get your message right. Maybe you’re ‘Mary Berry Junior’, ‘Queen on the cakes’ or even the ‘cake boss’ and if you just fancy something cute, why not go with ‘cutting the cake’, ‘serving up a slice’ and ‘heavenly’ on a set of all three!
personalised cake kinfe
On your butter knife, maybe you’d like to get straight to the point with our ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ range or something more personal like ’reserved for Lurpak‘, or sweet with ‘buttery delights’, or cutesy like ‘finishing touches’. If you’re mad about cheese, then how can you not have one of the cheese knives & markers, especially if you can choose ‘cheese tasting’, ‘stinky and scrummy' or even the names of your favourite cheeses! And if that wasn’t enough, let your green fingers loose on our plant markers with catching little phrases like ‘let it grow’ and ‘breakfast for bees’ or names of your favourite flowers. Stay the star of cocktail hour by adding something a little personal to our bottle openers, drink stirrers and decanter tags. Say it with your favourite drink name and ingredients or little lines like ‘start the party’, ‘bottoms up’ and ‘stirred, not shaken’!
mummy's medicine
Whether you’re a spoon, knife, fork or something special, say it the personalised way and it’ll always make you smile!

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