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Kitchen Style Cravings to Stay Obsessed With!

Posted: Jan 23 2015

Sometimes, all a girl (or guy) really needs is a little inspiration. Enter Pinterest. We’ve found ourselves scrolling, scrolling and scrolling through pins after pins, gushing over too many trends to count. But what exactly is it we’re so obsessed with right now? You’ve got it - kitchens. Call us crazy, but when you love cute cutlery as much as we do, you tend to get a little obsessed over kitchen design. We all know how hard it can be to select a style and stick to it, so we’ve pulled together some of the statement styles we fell in love with for your inspiration.
Country & Classic
Classic & Country
Image 1 , Image 2  It’s not for everyone, but a classic and country styled kitchen really hits our hearts. The cream and neutral based colour palette is not only calming but gives the whole look a clean feel. From exposed beams and oak panelling to neutral flowers and home comforts dotted around, if we were to be bias, this would be the style for us!
Blue & Grey
In our last post, we wrote all about colours for the summer season and grey was one of them. Blue-grey kitchen colours popped up on our radar during our scroll and we fell in love. The combination of exposed bricks and oak tops really does set the look off, wouldn’t you agree? We can totally see why grey is set to be a showstopper for summer, both kitchen designs are cute, yet stylish and completely dreamy!
Bright & Bold
If grey’s and neutrals are just too tame for you, then we know you’re going to fall completely in love with this style. Are we right? Sometimes colour pops can achieve just that level of bright you want, without having to commit to just one shade. Bold colours work perfectly here, like the deep teal and hot pink. We definitely can’t imagine mopey mornings in these kitchens!
Modern & Modular
For those of your that prefer the ultra modern look, you’re in luck - we’ve got our eyes on some great designs for you too. With neutral or monochromatic colour palettes, these gorgeous kitchen feature a modular look with chrome detailing for a clean and sharp look. Many with islands, centre sinks and lighting features, the modern look is definitely the one to make a statement with. Subtly accessories and all round cool, we’ve definitely got a lot of time for this style!
Now that we’ve taken you through some of our favourite style cravings for kitchens, which is your favourite? Don’t forget, you can also follow us on Pinterest here.

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