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Miffy Birthday Party!

Posted: Mar 23 2015

My daughter recently turned 2 and we threw her and her friends a little Miffy party!  Prior to arranging this party, I had no idea that Miffy was so heavily copyrighted...and there's not much party paraphernalia available! So I got crafting and made a few bits, and as there are so many Miffy fans out there I thought I'd a do a blog post to share my ideas!
Miffy's creator, Dick Bruna, mostly works with primary colours so a Miffy party is a perfect unisex theme which avoids the sickly sweet 'pink princess' genre! As my daughter was born in March, I've always associated her birthday with Spring so a party full of yellow was perfect!
I bought Miffy bunting from the official UK Miffy Shop and also found some lovely co-ordinating honeycomb balls in Sainsbury's.
Daffodils were of course the flower of choice!  I also bought some primary coloured latex balloons from Hobbycraft, along with their disposable helium canister and gold curling ribbon.
My daughter already had the vintage Miffy dolls house (which I got for pennies on eBay!) and the big Miffy light normally lives in her bedroom...but came down to enjoy the party and sit on the buffet table!
I also bought some Miffy paper cups from the Miffy Shop but couldn't find any suitable paper plates....so trusty Poundland came to the rescue! I simply bought plain white ones (20 for £1) and drew Miffy on with a food safe permanent marker! Admittedly some of the Miffys weren't that perfect...and looked drunk...but the toddlers didn't seem to notice! I also got a huge bag of blue plastic cutlery from Poundland even though the children mostly used their fingers!
The wonderful, felt ball place mats are from Tiger and are a permanent feature on my dining room table because they are just so pretty.
I always make my own cakes and this time opted for an easy, rich chocolate one! I followed my foolproof Angela Nilsen recipe which is ALWAYS a successful bake and wows the crowds!  I doubled up the quantities and baked 2 cakes - one for Miffy's head, the other for her ears! I drew out the ears first on a sheet of greaseproof paper to make sure they were right before cutting the cake. I then attached the ears with a simple buttercream, and continued to ice the whole cake with it. I really wanted the icing to be bright white but with time against me (and boredom kicking in) I figured a bunch of 2 year olds wouldn't care less that it was cream! So I finished her face off with a dark chocolate icing pen. Voila!
Finally the party bags! I bought the bags themselves from the Miffy Shop and filled them with various rabbit related goodies including; rabbit ear head bands from Poundland, Malteaser bunnies and rabbit shaped balloons from Wilko!
So if you're planning to hold a Miffy party, I hope i've given you some inspiration! 

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