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'Stinky' 'Strong' 'Smooth' Cheese Markers

  • 'Stinky' 'Strong' 'Smooth' Cheese Markers


Beautiful silver plated 'sawn-off' forks. This is a set of three cheese markers with the words 'Stinky', 'Strong' and 'Smooth' hand-stamped above the fork prongs.
The perfect addition to any self respecting cheese board. Mark out the various cheeses in a humorous and fun way with ‘Stinky’, ‘Strong’ and ‘Smooth’. 
Our hand stamped cutlery differs from engraved cutlery because here at The Cutlery Commission we use traditional, industrial tools to indent every single letter into the silver plate itself. Therefore marks made during the hammering process are expected and spacing and alignment of letters are not exact. It all adds to the whimsical and charming look that makes your commissioned piece of cutlery such a unique gift.
Each set will arrive in an organza bag, tied with ribbon and ready to be given as a gift...or kept for yourself!
All of the cutlery is hand crafted in an antique style and made of brass, which is then silver plated. None of the items are therefore dishwasher safe and we recommend hand washing in warm water. Although the cutlery is perfectly useable, being silver plated means that it is prone to tarnish over time and should be treated more as a keepsake rather than an every-day utensil. And remember – silver cutlery loves a good polish now and then!
Dimensions: H6 x W2cm.

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