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How the spooning started!

“On the hunt for a unique gift and struggling for inspiration, I found myself at my favourite car boot sale knee deep in boxes of chipped china. This is where I found it...’it’ being a rather sad looking silver spoon, which unbeknown to me was soon to become the inspiration for what is now The Cutlery Commission!

Using my old steel letters (tired remnants from my silversmithing days) and a hammer, I stamped the words ‘HEY SUGAR’ onto the spoon and there and then...fell a little bit in love. It’s been a cutlery love affair ever since.

Soon after the ‘HEY SUGAR’ epiphany, and with my creative passion reignited, I started sourcing cutlery to stamp and give as special gifts to friends and family. Amazingly word spread and within months I went from a part time crafter to ‘The High Commissioner’ of The Cutlery Commission!”

 Katie Dobson – Managing Director, The Cutlery Commission

The Cutlery Commission is a multi award winning British giftware brand selling bespoke, personalised cutlery and silverware. From a small workshop in Gloucestershire, all of the cutlery is hand-stamped by ‘The Spoonettes’, who use industrial tools to indent each letter into the silver plate.

After winning ‘Gift of the Year 2013’ and being launched in John Lewis and Liberty London, this little cottage industry has gone from strength to strength and has been featured in numerous publications including The Guardian, Country Homes & Interiors and BBC Good Food.

With a rapidly growing customer database and international presence, The Cutlery Commission prides itself on being ‘the home of personalised cutlery’. 


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