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Personalised Pet Food Scoop - SECONDS

Personalised Pet Food Scoop - SECONDS

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  • Personalised Pet Food Scoop - SECONDS


The world's poshest pet food scoop! Hand-stamped with your choice of words on the scoop base and with room for a name on the handle.
The ultimate accessory for a pampered pooch, pussy cat or even pony! We can personalise the scoop with up to 50 characters and also add a name on the handle. The handle itself also has a handy hole in it meaning you can hang it from the pet food container or stable door!
What is a second?
All of our cutlery is inspected before we personalise it. When an item is classified as a second the fault is normally a small imperfection on the silver plating. The faults are not structural (i.e. each piece still functions as intended and is useable) and certainly do not deter from the finished product.   You will not be able to select the handle design and the one you receive may not be the one depicted in the photo.
All Seconds are non-refundable.
NOTE: do not store the scoop in with the food because the silver will tarnish (go black) and you will have to polish it a lot to keep it shiny! Unless you like polishing then keep it wherever you please!
It can scoop up approx 200g of dried dog biscuits but please do not use this as an accurate measuring guide, use your usual measuring cup/containers.
This scoop is silver plated (do pampered pets eat from anything less?!) so it is very shiny, tactile and light. We use industrial letters, hammers and an anvil to personalise them so this means you may be able to see the lettering on the reverse of the scoops.
Our style of 'hand stamping' often gets confused with 'engraving' but our products differ from engraved cutlery because here at The Cutlery Commission we use the traditional, industrial tools to indent every single letter into the silver plate itself. Therefore marks made during the hammering process are expected and spacing and alignment of letters are not exact. It all adds to the whimsical and charming look that makes your commissioned piece of cutlery such a unique gift.
Each commission will arrive tied in chiffon ribbon with a branded tag and tiny spoon charm, all lovingly wrapped in our bespoke acid-free tissue paper and ready to be given as a gift...or kept for yourself!

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